Framed original acrylic painting 'Fairey Battle Mk.I K9271'


The Fairey Battle was the first RAF aircraft to enter service utilising the Rolls-Royce Merlin in June 1937. The performance of the aircraft initially appeared very promising, but due to the rapid pace of aircraft development during the opening stages of the second world war, the Battle was quickly outclassed and would be considered obsolete by 1940.


Depicted here is Fairey Battle Mk.I K9271 of 103 Squadron. On 27th September 1939, this very aircraft would claim the first official victory for the RAF against the luftwaffe shooting down a Messerschmitt 109 over the Ardennes region of France. K9271 would itself sustain damage in the engagement resulting in the loss of observer Sgt. John Henry Vickers.


16x12 inch painting mounted in a 20x16 inch frame


We would recommend the black style frame for this painting.


Fairey Battle Mk.I K9271 Framed Original Painting

Frame Colour