'The First For 303' framed limited edition print. 1 of a run of 25 prints. Gunmetal, Oak and Black frames available for immediate dispatch. Other styles available on request.


Whilst on a traing flight on 30th August 1940, the Polish pilots of 303 squadron were tasked with intercepting a flight of Belnheims. An enemy aircraft was spotted and although order not to engage, pilot Ludwik Paszkiewicz broke away to pursue and would consequently score the squadrons maiden victory. The famous 303 squadron were decalred operational the following day and would go on to become the highest scoring Hurricane squadron of the battle of Britain. 1 of a run of 25 prints. Sold unframed. Paper size 18x14 Inch (308gsm)


Image size 16x12 inch mounted in a 20x16 inch frame.


We would recommend the oak style frame for this picture.



'The First For 303' framed limited edition print. 18x14 inch.

Frame Colour
Mount Colour: White