I am offering for sale a very special project that has been a joy to create. 


Over the years, there has been much debate about the differences between the RAF and Luftwaffe aircraft fighting during the battle of Britain and the advantages and disadvantages these posed to each side and their respective pilots. One such area that I have always found interesting was the armaments used, The Luftwaffe famously making using of the higher caliber 20mm canon compared to the RAFs famous .303 inch brownings. It can be hard to imagine how these different rounds would compare so I decided to create this very special piece to illustrate exactly that.


Thanks to my friends at Weston Weaponary, I managed to source some authentic rounds from the period representing the weapons used. The .303 Browning round from the Spitfire as well as the 7.92mm round and of course, the impressive 20mm cannon shell from the 109.


The Spitfire depicted in the painting is Mk.Ia N3162 flown by Eric Lock who would go on to become the RAFs highest scoring pilot of the battle of Britain. Representing the Luftwaffe is Bf109E-4 Werknummer 5344 flown by Helmut Wick.


This is a truly a unique piece offering a chance for you to own a beautifully framed conversation starter with some real history.

Weapons of the Battle of Britain framed original painting